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tv   Headline News  RT  June 14, 2014 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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we've got the future covered. this is our two international antigovernment forces in eastern ukraine down to military transport plane carrying weapons and all forty nine on board were killed. in braces itself for life without gases its debt deadline looms. negotiations. europe literally in the cold. also coming up to terrorists and control iraq's north reportedly planning to form a new government in the region by tomorrow as well as the country resorts to calling on volunteer fighters to try to drive out the radical. surveillance to nuclear warheads means danger in the u.k.
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national security. my name is kevin irwin our top story than tonight at eight pm antigovernment fighters in lugansk in east ukraine of shot down a military transport plane the ukrainian army says all forty nine people on board were killed in these videos of merge showing the moment of the attack and its aftermath the plane came down that lugansk airport kev officials say they consider this a terror attack scott scott more. plane came down at around two am local time on saturday morning as it was approaching and preparing to leave. now he have confirmed that it was a military aircraft carrying out the time that it came down troops machinery equipment and food there were forty military personnel on board and nine crew members all of which lost their lives now as the worst single last. life for the
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ukrainian forces since they began their so-called anti terror operation activists are claiming responsibility for the attack saying they brought the plane down using an anti aircraft missile antigovernment fight is a company blocking the airport and demanding that ukrainian troops leave the area meanwhile they also claim to have brought down a ukrainian bomber in don't yet carried out an attack there however is yet to confirm or deny this claim while five ukrainian border guards lost their lives following the attack on a convoy in the city of mariupol where ukrainian forces have been actively clamping down cracking down since friday but there has been a reaction here in kiev from people who claim russia for the downing of that plane police saying that around one hundred protesters have gathered near the russian embassy not far from here in kiev to express their anger they were carrying anti russia plant cards and shouting anti president clinton slogans now they threw eggs
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and paint at the building and also at the mats cars and also overturned vehicles and tires now police are saying standing by is the events unfolded failing to stop the protesters actions and incidentally president poroshenko has declared sunday a day of mourning in ukraine for all of those who have lost their lives the crew of soldiers aboard a cargo plane down in lugansk of the biggest single loss than the ukrainian army suffered since the start of the cracked foreign policy analysts says it might actually made the care government see reason that it could actually contribute to the calming of the world just the from expense because the way in which the ukrainian a party. over the recent weeks has been and will be extremely they obviously you. know i'm guided weapons wherever those who are close to the security and i think every case of a no fly zone in ukraine is not warranted then he was really.
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but political analyst alexander public believes key evidence allies would use this incident to further demands russia they're just going to blame russia will blame you for the past several weeks that this is supposed to be you know there's a collision on the part of russia i mean how these people managed to downplay i mean you know what moscow russia wants to be a crane has its own military industry but they're going to pin the blame on russia because the real target is russia it's not even the south east or the east of ukraine so i expect escalation from pearlie and otherwise from nato washington long brussels earlier fortunately. refugees fleeing the crisis in eastern ukraine claim the army won't let men leave the country he spoke to some of the ukrainian families split by the conflict so you
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can hear their stories later in the program when you visit a refugee camp in russia that's overflowing with women and children. ukraine's prime ministers ordered the government prepare for a hole to gas supplies on monday cares more than four billion dollars in debt right now and it's just days left to pay at least half of what it owes if that deadline is not met russia will start only delivering gas that's been paid for up front i spoke earlier to r.t. correspondent really about the deadlock. so are these latest gas price talks of collapse we seem to be back to square one who's holding it up is ukraine or is it russia was the picture all depends on who you ask for example ukraine says that russia's price is too high and moscow says that he has demands are simply absurd so let's have a look at the facts first starters ukraine admittedly owes billions of dollars to russia and gazprom has actually moved the deadline for payment back four times and now it's over seven rounds of negotiations person huge it here though that's still
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to be purged and we'll talk about what kind of strong opposition ukraine is in a moment but the economy is so at the moment how are they going to pay that all that is sure but remember that i.m.f. loan that ukraine has already gotten and that is actually enough to cover part of their debt and that the fact is russia is not even asking them to pay back in full at least half of what he votes and if they do there's a deal for that moscow well actually throw in a retroactive discount on what ukraine owes and that will save the country millions of desperately needs if war but to the present ukraine is saying this latest discovery that was all for the one that was on the table is just too hard it's not enough so when we go from here well here's a perspective on the gas price russia is offering three hundred eighty five dollars per thousand cubic meters which is already eight hundred dollars less than the current running price what's more is that russia has actually guaranteed that rate for a year regardless of whether market prices go up and as
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a matter of fact even europe's energy chief house called the offer very reasonable . i believe that three hundred eighty five dollars is a reduction that could be considered reasonable depending on the volume and length of the contract it could even be less than three hundred eighty five and that will then be the final price ok so we've heard what russia is prepared to do what shoe crain prepared to do we're going to compromise well it doesn't seem like ukraine is going to compromise almost anywhere in fact it has offered to. perri price of three hundred twenty six dollars until a permanent one is agreed upon and that is of course much less than what russia wants on top of that ukraine is refusing to pay back its existing debt until it gets the prize that it wants. we touched on this why does ukraine feel it's in such a strong position he wanted to be just and that is a very big question here and according to gas from c. all ukraine may be listening to third party advisors let's have a listen. i mean to do good in school can perhaps the ukrainians of outside
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advisors it's just that we've observed from the very beginning of the talks that the ukrainian side never really wanted any compromise or any deal. so who's alexey miller talking over there rather cryptically who are these advisors may be well it's still a bit of a speculation but we've asked that question to a number of experts and there seems to be a predominant view let's have a listen cramer is under instructions from the united states of america very very large industrial companies this is also another subtle way of controlling the europeans remember because when and if russia quite rightly stops delivering gas which isn't paid for of course like last time like the previous two times ukraine will simply siphon off that gas which will cause some problems in europe which will further encourage the europeans to be forced to eventually start buying american very expensive american gas as well that's all part of the business plan well any
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rift between russia and the e.u. is really good for america because it is desperate to start selling its own gas if you look at this map right there you can see that you're of gets thirty percent of its gas from russian federation and you're and ukraine is actually a major hub on that transport route from russia to europe and what america is desperate to do is to start selling its own gas but the problem is gas prices in europe right now are too low and i'm going to mean if you took all this out of the equation all this transit through ukraine how does that go to affect the price of gas it would go up what mitchell how absolutely and that is exactly what would make shipping all that gas for america to europe actually profitable and of the same time it would hit russia's economy to boot so america stands everything to gain and very little to lose. talking with sean archie dot com we got details of another gas battle being played out as well this time on the correct version the price is skyrocketing rocketing though the. wanted the as an even been specified delivery
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though is guaranteed fun of what we're talking about online. jadis in iraq are preparing to launch the political mechanisms through which they hope to turn the country into a radical islamist state according to reports they plan to form a new government in the city of mosul on sunday the capital of the region they captured earlier this week the fear is that baghdad will be next extremists from a sunni terrorist group known as isis have made no secret that the capital is the main target of an already entrenched themselves in the north of iraq hundreds of iraqi men have responded to a coat of arms issued on friday by the country's top shia cleric who urged the nation to join the fight against the radicals a government airstrike on the areas surrounding the country's biggest all refineries reportedly killed some two hundred terrorists that says the u.s. deliberate so what kind of assistance it could provide that is going to she can explain why. president obama's message to iraq is the u.s. will help it fight the militants but it will not put boots on the ground he said he
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would be reviewing a range of options in the coming days this could mean air strikes but the president has not made a decision yet he'll something decayed it that it's not up to the u.s. to solve iraq's problems we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq but i have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq security forces and i'll be reviewing those options in the days ahead we can't do it for them in the absence of this type of political effort short term military action including any assistance we might provide won't succeed. the sectarian war in iraq broke out after the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three and has been a source of constant violence ever since it is allowed to the militants with the islamic state of iraq and syria again to gain momentum and recruits the fight against assad in syria is further bolstered these militants and gave them new
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resources they are now in control of large parts of iraq including iraq's second largest city of mosul the goal of this militant group is to create a caliphate or an islamic state across a vast area that includes syria and iraq when taking over most heavily armed radicals overran police stations freed more than a thousand prisoners from the city jail and to go over the international airport iraqi forces apparently red in the face of leaving behind uniforms weapons and armored vehicles those could be weapons that the u.s. provided to the iraqi security forces that are now in the hands of these militants more than half a million people have fled seeking refuge the situation for most iraqis is dire and it has been so for years they were promised democracy but all they've seen is violence with no end in sight. you know dispense massive subsequent bring in training the iraqi army before pulling troops out of the country. side current
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events show this was a huge waste of money and effort. you have to go to the root of the problem the wood of the problem it was a u.s. invasion and occupation of iraq when the second largest city in iraq mosul fall into their hands that means that all this training all this equipping of the iraqi army and the iraqi security forces there the united states has done spending honey five billion dollars of taxpayers' money has really gone to waste that's with me there has to be a way to put the country back on track and that the key to that track is really the national reconciliation which is something that the united states when it was occupying bara power in iraq did not really think very seriously. breaking story of selective. the one time to talk about. the sexual violence and we talk about war crimes. weapons to the government to find out
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why the london unto sexual violence summit chose to ignore all cases of abuse. given the back story plus for the two what treats have been prepared for fans attending the world cup as we report fia straight from the action just a couple of the stories white after this break. language of what i will only react to situations i have read the reports from. the pollution to the no i will leave them to state park to comment on your latter point of the month to say it's secure yet because all your talk is no gonna. say no more weasel words. when you have a direct question be prepared for a change when you should be ready for a. printout of speech and down the street into costs.
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dramas to be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces changing the world. to picture of today's. politicians from around the globe. to. again britain is increasing its collaboration with the u.s. when it comes to nuclear weaponry raising fears it could lose its to terror and independence the two countries already work very closely sharing intelligence and exchanging prisoners but polly boyko reports next such far reaching cooperation
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might not be benefiting britain's. america and britain already shared nuclear know how with hardware and according to a guardian newspaper scoop that cooperation is to be stepped up even further prompting fresh questions about the independence of the u.k.'s nuclear to terror and if we don't have an independent deterrent which means an independent threat then we might as well just if we want to be protected by nuclear weapons pay the americans a fee and allow them to do it for the cold war may be over but there are still nearly ten thousand u.s. military personnel stationed in britain at dozens of our a.f. bases under us control that we are still five and all for a five year b. she's in britain wires or you have to ask her many. states. you know they're going to go where america very which we were in this border last month the independent on sunday revealed that washington is to spend two hundred million
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pounds want to revamp of our a.f. crouton one of the u.k. bases allegedly involved in mass surveillance revelations about g c h q and the n.s.a. they are what we could be saying that british citizens are actually having their privacy in paid it's a by a country which is supposed to be our closest ally and friend in the world it's led some boyce's in the u.k. to question whether american and british interests always overlap britain is now a fairly small in. not a powerful country as we were in the days when we had an empire but we have a national interest we still have a national interest we're still a very big economy we're still an important country but we should exercise that national interest in our interest we shouldn't just slavish lee handed over to the americans anything that they want and yes a succession of british leaders have done little to remedy what many see as a lot sided special relationship under the current extradition treaty between. in
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america it's much easier for a u.k. citizen to be sent to face trial in the us than the other way around over recent years twice as many people have been extradited from the u.k. to the us. which british prime minister doesn't. go that extra length for the americans objects of commentators have long argued that to many an american the american step richmond's britain is that fifty first states of america. london always a relevant and diverse range of stories for you to r.t. dot com to check out like this with moby these days a sex change the longer records of the surgery it seems denmark has become the first country in europe to make it possible to change gender legally without doing so physically one of the summer website now. and also to the pentagon shelves of millions of dollars to find white people take to the streets to vent their anger
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with the political system that's an article. by another to our coverage of the ukraine crisis that's ongoing over one thousand people have fled from the east of the country to russia in the past couple of days as kids military lays waste to terms during its ongoing crackdown on the uprising families are being split and the men are being prevented from leaving ukraine where women and children are allowed to get out of his room and cossar officiated one refugee camp to hear some of the stories. this typical russian summer camp for children is usually filled with joy however the mood here and in the other three summer camps which have been partly converted to refugee camps that are visited is far from cheery mentee limmy is meaningless to ever think has changed for me i used to have a great job at home my husband and i were living great and then one day i had to leave everything behind me is here with her son and she's due to give birth in less than a month to another child and like everyone else she has fled the shelling in the
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east of ukraine i look at those as they look well don't have to which is done when you leave home for awhile he usually want to come back but at some point you realize that you don't have anything to come back to there's no returning to a government which is trying to kill you and destroy all your belongings. lisa tries her best to look brave and says she's not scared for her life anymore but her worries are far from over i'm very worried about my father and brother the haven't led them out of the country they say they can come here and we're very scared for them yes i was promoted with your mobile one will receive awful wolf we were ready for anything someone could have easily thrown a bomb inside a bus during a bus ride we were told not to talk on the phone because someone could be listening and ready to drop bombs on us. nearly nine thousand refugees cross the border with russia in the last couple of days alone most have only one thought in mind the
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safety of their children organizers volunteers authorities and everybody else involved are trying to make the children stay here as care three as a possible however the kids emotional state is far from camp like sound of a plane or any other loud noise for that matter still shocks them as they search for the nearest bomb shelter people here are grateful for the aid and shelter some are preparing to head on to stay with relatives or friends in russia while for others these refugee camps are all they have now costs are of artsy south in russia angelina jolie's spin made an honorary dame by the u.k. queen for her humanitarian work she hosted indeed the global summit to end sexual violence together with new case foreign secretaries as we just know it was called to address cases of using rape as a weapon in war zones like syria congo and others but the conference has turned a blind eye to violations in sri lanka where the experts estimate thousands were
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raped during almost thirty years of civil war human rights groups say sexual violation is still being used there is a torture method against suspect criminals but civilians are also at risk control and could too according to a un survey every ninety minutes one woman suffers a rape every day up to five children are abused and there's little or no punishment for the guilty mosco free art is going underground host as she returns you spoke to human rights advocate bianca jagger she's convinced the u.k. ignored violations because it was fueling the war by selling millions of dollars worth of weapons to the country. but i did some research and found reports about how the u.k. sent weapons that probably were used in the mass killing of the terminal at the end of the war and even before and it is believed that between seven between fifty to seventy thousand innocent civilians were killed among the tamil and it is a real persecution of the tamil even today and why is the u.k.
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government silent and of course they have something to answer because of the sale of weapons to that country and because sri lanka holds the presidency of the commonwealth in the one hand you talk about you know the sexual violence and you talk about war crimes and then you sell weapons to this government. just to zig two days into the world cup i'm a total months already thrown up a few surprises no more so than a smashing victory in the netherlands against world champions spain beating in five one but it's not just the football on the pitch this provide a view to time and there are plenty for the troops on the sidelines to is out is graham phillips has been falling out. to be the prime minister to be specially constructed on the edge of the city it wasn't for this walk up to that as it was you know stretches over several they cause would have caused the big screen as it was every day to tens of thousands of. years ago i mean the atmosphere i.
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was. at least you can see some of these things to see what the building in the ground is here this was two thousand and fourteen in brazil was illegally minerals there so it was a she was also going to iraq itself because it was you was it was like oh was it was the show was you know as we see the only place i was i. was i was. away from the fun and games there back here in russia russia's far east city a visionary second lens because being struck by a powerful hurricane we've got these pictures through that storm tore off ridge
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broken windows many cars and telling people fall into trees that you know this is fun to restore electricity to almost twenty thousand homes have been affected no reports thankfully of deaths or serious injury coming through yet. but we can report problems in ukraine right now in the ukrainian capital protesters have surrounded the russian embassy this afternoon these are live pictures coming through but a hundred people of gathered around the building throwing smoke grenades they've torn down the russian flag and they've put up the flags of ukraine and the radical right sector movement we hear their shouting slogans against russia and president putin they vandalize the embassies facade and overturned the diplomats cars that have a little bit earlier entrance is a blocked with the tires and the protesters vehicles the police who are supposed to provide security for the diplomatic mission seem at the moment anyway to have done nothing to prevent damage to the embassy. but. the situation
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is getting more tense protesters have turned over embassy cars parked outside the perimeter is blocked with tires in the driveways of block look at protesters own cars they've torn down the russian flag from the poles ukrainian police are supposed to guard the embassy they are preventing the harm being done to russian property. or across the of course the next live news update from moscow with me kevin oh in just over half an hour next after the break mr geysers here. there's a new i'm a grown prisoner and i've got a polygamous family i'm looking for a woman who understands me anyway and i want her to share my goal of saving our people from extinction up to. the i've had two failed marriages and she's
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had one you wish changed our attitude to what's been a chemist marriage and have decided to find a man to marry as. things we want to know women who could play your kids together but that's. my dream is to have let's say thirty to forty kids. country every history of yugoslavia is formation as a prosperous and peaceful country was considered to be a success story of market socialism and in many regards it was a model of development on. whom was this teacher of democracy and market economy if any republic in yugoslavia wanted for the q. and a it would have to break away from yugoslavia and declared its independence. ok
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it's not a conspiracy theory it's not my speculation it's not my analysis it's a public. image. and punish it harshly for every slight let some unlearnt the serbs start a business war the serbs really original cause of the war they are look i'm pleased aggressors and wrongdoers. to bomb conference. on that. promise more. bomb all of tofu kitchens six of them you want spectrums and so. call assisted the multi-ethnic society to live in harmony and joe now. what was forgotten to be told feel about yugoslavia the weight of chains on our cheek. some people say that when it happened support someone in time not
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a very nice one the curtain falls down. it's some point and i could no longer stand it i decided to kill myself. even i was scared of what i'd done but i punched her but i didn't understand where i didn't want a man raising his hand the woman should. run from him. everyone who sees this video to also speak to the children's father it's my has then became a control of people that he can do anything and. don't i know i'm tired of crying too don't.


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